December 3rd-5th 2021


Join Former 14 yr NHL Pro & 
Life and Business Coach Dave Scatchard along with world class speakers, trainers and athletes for 3 days of immersion and leave with a clear map and vision on how to crush 2022! 

Dave Scatchard 

Michael Bernhoff

Donny Epstein

Darcy Hordichuk

Reed Low 

Michelle Cameron Coulter

Ashley Grimmel
Greg Adams 
Shane Doan

Jason Binab

Subyn Novelle

Felix Lin
3 Days Of Top Speakers and All-Star Training
  • Full Immersion For 3 Days Learning, Growing, Expanding To Create A Winning Blueprint For 2022! 
  • Live Event Event With Like Minded All-Stars Designing Their Lives and Businesses
  • ​Dave and the Elite Speakers and Trainers will be leading and coaching new systems and tools each day
  • ​Learn from some of the top Speakers / Coaches and Special Guests in the world!!!
  • ​Discover what is working in the marketplace and what is not, be on top of the trends
  • ​Design and craft your goals, visions and dreams to produce achievable results quickly to crush 2022!
  • ​Implementation and execution hacks, time management and efficiency techniques. Build your map.


Hosted By Dave Scatchard
All-Star Coaching Peak Performance Coach, international speaker & author.

Dave Scatchard had an accomplished fourteen-year career as a professional hockey player in the NHL, but after his fifth concussion—one that left him with slurred speech, headaches, and traumatic brain injuries—he embarked on a soul journey to restore his health and reinvent his life.

With the guidance of top coaches, healers, and energy workers from around the world, Dave transformed himself and developed the Dave Scatchard Peak Performance Coaching program , a systematic approach for both businesses and individuals to redesign their lives and operating systems and live a healthier, brighter future with all of the abundance that goes along with living The Big Life.

Dave lives in Arizona with his wife, three kids and their two dogs.

Join Us In Scottsdale 

DEC 3rd - DEC 5th 2021 


I have spent the last 10 years of my life, traveling around the world trying to figure out how to live a life that would heal me, energize me, excite me and allow me to feel more alive, more happy and more fulfilled than I ever imagined possible. All while wanting to serve others at the highest level.

I have learned from sitting in rooms and getting around people that knew things that I didn't. People that could teach me things that I would have never discovered on their own. I have dreamt about the day when I could share as many of these strategies, secrets and formulas with a large room filled with people just like me who want more out of life! 

As you know, I always believe that we have to coach in reality and with whatever our current situation is and then we work on closing that gap or using the awareness of it to actually pull us towards answers that will transform our lives and the lives of others around us. 

I have made calls into friends, coaches, speakers, and anyone that I think could add value to you and your life and to share the secrets on how they did it. They will deliver stories and teachings that will help take your life to a higher level.

I want you to win. I want to help you come up with new strategies for making more money, finding happiness, and love for life while networking and growing with other All-Stars just like you.

I can go on and on but the truth is I really can't wait to see you in person!

Here's What People Are Saying... 

"They broke the mold when they made Dave. The world, especially now, needs more people like him!! 
Tony Robbins

“The ability to reinvent himself the way he has is not easy for an ex professional athlete, but Dave has done it multiple times. This quality to never except failure or be denied in life again is a god giving gift. I trust my life with him and my secrets and know that they are both safe forever. A guy I know I will call my friend as long as I’m walking above ground. !!"

Jeremy Roenick 9 x NHL All Star!”
Without David in my corner shining a light when I couldn’t see I can’t imagine where I would be....His way of breaking your mind down and re-establishing your positive mindsets is one of the most valuable things I’ve ever learned. 
Russell Brunson

Learning about who I really am and believing in that person is the greatest gift I could have given myself. If people are telling themselves “I can’t afford a great life coach?” Well, I'm telling you, you can’t afford NOT to have one!! . 
 I am on my way and he is still finding way to show value in my life. He is as much a mentor as he is a great friend! The word THANK YOU, just doesn’t describe how I feel. It’s unexplainable to feel like the best version of myself again.”

Reed Low Former NHL Star - 
Multiple Business Owner
St. Louis Blues, Chicago Blackhawks

“I feel like I am stepping into the life I've always wanted to live. Dave is extremely gifted at going for what he wants and achieving it. That alone is contagious.!”

"One of his most inspirational qualities is his loving nature and big heart. It’s clear how laser focused he is on my personal development and growth-on all of the people he coaches and supports. He is ready to help me challenge old stuck patterns and tap into higher
states. There is a fearless, playful, and giving nature to how he does this. It feels a lot like a bigger kid coming back and reaching out a hand to me and saying “Come on! Let’s go!”"

Jessica Millar

“ Working with Dave has been a game changer for my business 
and my personal life”

“Dave has provided me with the that tools that have enabled me to develop new strategies and systems to elevate my business, and he brings a high level of energy to our coaching meetings that is motivating, inspiring and contagious !”

Chace Whitson Top 1% Realtor 
“I have so much more calm and peace, the stress is so much less since working with Dave!”

“Every time something came up for me Dave had the answer!”

Austin Schiro  Film Maker
“God knew exactly what I needed to get through one of the darkest seasons in my life and it was the gift of Dave Scatchard!”

"Dave’s amazing light brought clarity, healing and vision to set me on a path to break free from my old mindset and set out on the path of being a champion in my life. I’m forever grateful."

Subyn Novelle
 Auctioneer Host Emcee Model Actress
 Life is about rhythm, speed, accuracy, and balance...Dave is exceptional at rebalancing and refocusing and seeing what you need....exceptional person and insight on many levels. A gift.!”

“So much knowledge and talent, his ability to be there and share the right tool at the right time is uncanny. Be ready for positive change and amazing results! Thankful for his ability to share it with others and brings the edge back! Having a guy like Dave on your team is a game changer. "

Tom Richards CEO 
“Dave gave me the tools to re-connect to the champion that I have inside of me and the tools that I need to become 
who I want to be!”

“After Dave worked on my old and new operating system I got the CFO job I wanted and lost 60 lbs. Having a coach really held me accountable and I love it. ”

Tom Schneider CFO
2007 World Series of Poker Player of the Year
4x World Series of Poker Bracelet Champion
“Hiring Dave as a life coach for our advisors has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made in my career as a leader.”

“ It is no secret that it is extremely challenging to be your best in the work environment if you are not your best in your personal life. Dave has not only helped my team realize that, but has given them the tools to help them achieve their personal best. Dave has worked with a number of our advisors to help them lock in the potential they have always been capable of, and the results have been amazing. I would strongly recommend Dave’s services to anyone who is looking to become a better version of themselves!”

Dillan Micus Executive Vice President 
Equitable Advisors
“Dave is extremely competitive and in my personal experiences with him, he approaches new challanges with a thirst for success that cannot be quenched! ”

“ Dave is a SUPER nice guy, and I'm honored to call him my friend! He always treats everybody with the utmost respect. But what makes Dave so SPECIAL and so Unique, is his extreme POSITIVITY! Dave will find a way to shed positive light onto everybody and every situation, no matter how bleak things might appear!!”

Greg Mueller 3 x World Series Of Poker Champion


 You'll get to hear from Dave and his incredible lineup of speakers about what it takes to reach the pinnacle of success. Real stories & real life, from speakers who are doing it! 
  You'll hear from other amazing Entrepreneurs, Athletes, and other incredible souls who will share their secrets to success.
 ​You will get networking opportunities with all of your fellow All-Stars
 Our time together will be a highly energized event focusing on setting ourselves up to win 2022.
 Walk away with a clear, strategic map of your goals and necessary action steps to make sure that next year is the best year ever! 



Friday Dec 3rd
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Pre-Event Registration and Networking Mixer 

5:00pm - 9:00pm
Welcome + Special Training

Saturday Dec 4th
  7:45am - 8:45am
For Late Registration

9:00am - 7:00pm
Sessions Go Live

Sunday December 5th
9:00am - 7:00pm
Doors Open & Session Goes Live


Retrain Your Mind

You will unlearn the things that are not true in your life and your beliefs and deal 💯 in reality. You will be able to think more clearly, and see things from a higher level, and create a bigger more expansive abundant mindset! 

Get Clear On Your Vision

Now that you are living in a higher vibrational state, you can get more clear on your vision and your purpose for your life. Knowing with certainty what your goal is, will clarify what actions need to be taken and more importantly who you must become to make that a reality.

Map Out Your Plan

After getting laser focused on your goal, your mission and your purpose, you will be able to clearly create a map on how to execute your vision. You will now have direction, you won't be guessing anymore and it will really be easy for you to get the job done. Simply follow your new map and execute the plan, strategies and systems to achieve everything you've wanted.

Get Your Life Back

Learn how to manage and design your goals in every category of your life and not be a slave to your job. Learn how to multi-task, chunk, and leverage your time so that you can enjoy everything in life without being stressed out, overwhelmed and burnt out. Get your life back and live your life in every category on PURPOSE.

Establish Powerful Connections

Be a part of the All-Star Coaching Family and establish lifelong relationships, JV opportunities, affiliate relationships and who knows who you will meet at this high level 3 day event in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. One relationship can change everything for you, just like it has for Dave!

Attend Our 3-Day All-Star Weekend - Scottsdale: 
Dec 3rd - 5th, 2021



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Paradise Valley - Scottsdale
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Scottsdale AZ 85250

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Meet Your Host:
 Creator of Dave Scatchard All-Star Peak Performance Coaching, The Big Life Program, The Mindflow Method, Hockey Star Secrets, and The Get Your Life Together Challenge 
Author of The Comeback- My Journey Through Heaven and Hell - 
September 14th 2021 launch date!
 Dave works with some of the top performers in the world in business, entertainment, and sports. He is known for his cutting edge strategies and implementation that are measured by extroardinairy results.
14 Year NHL Pro
Certified In Strategic Intervention Coaching with Tony Robbins
 659 NHL Games Played with 6 Teams
Vancouver Canucks, NY Islanders, Boston Bruins, Phoenix Coyotes, Nashville Predators, St. Louis Blues.
 Winner of the Bobby Nystrom Award given to The Islander Who Best Exemplifies Leadership, Hustle and Dedication
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